Release of Wedding Planner 1.0.7

Wedding Planner 1.0.7 has been approved by Apple review team.



What’s New in Version 1.0.7


– Addition of checking.
– Addition of videos to explain how to add items.
– Addition of logs.
– Addition of full screen.
– Addition of currencies.
– Addition of preparations blockade.
– Addition of ideas printing.
– Addition of preparations printing.
– Addition of the printing of the preparation’s notes.
– Addition of logs export.
– Addition of a presentation menu.
– Addition of a cleaning menu.
– Improved visual appearance of the preparations panel.
– Improved visual appearance of the ideas panel.
– Improved visual appearance of the contact panel.
– Improved the main panel.
– Improved the budget panel.
– Improved the preferences panel.
– Improved the menus.
– Improved the icons.
– Correction of the contacts.
– Correction of the preparations.
– Optimization of the backup file.
– Optimization of the preparation menu.
– Optimization of the toolbar.


Wedding Planner Budget




Wedding Planner Checking




Wedding Planner Contacts




Wedding Planner Ideas




Wedding Planner Logs




Wedding Planner Notes




Wedding Planner Preparations




Wedding Planner Preferences




Wedding Planner 1.0.7 is available in the Mac App Store


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